Shopping in Antwerp

A sunny day in Antwerp, ideal for some shopping :).
Shot with a Yashica 635 on Kodak Portra 400. No exposure meter used, just the sunny 16 rule.

Shopping @Antwerp

Shopping @Antwerp

3 thoughts on “Shopping in Antwerp

    • indeed 2 stops difference for a slightly visible shadow 😉 f8 1/400 in this case. Although I made a difference of nearly 3 stops here I think.

      Since the camera I use has no 1/400, I used the closest 1/500, which means I underexpose as a standard, so I thought for taking a picture in the shade, a little overexposure would be better. The next step was : f5.6 1/500 (normally used for open shade, so no shadows visible) => f8 1/250 => F11 1/125

      It’s a bit of calculation, but it’s so fun to use 🙂
      Good old fashioned style 😉

      ps: or did you mean something else with “shady” 😉

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