Porst Magic 500

A somewhat unique camera that I have in my collection, the PORST MAGIC 500.
Not only unique by its odd shape, but also unique since it’s one of the only Polaroid clones that I know of that uses the film for a SX-70. Likely Polaroid never gave his permission to make this camera (and letting use their technology and film), but since it was only produced in small numbers they let it be. 

In America it was sold as the KEYSTONE WIZARD XF1000.  
In Europe it was sold by a German camera distributor called PORST who sold a lot of rebadged cameras. 
There was also a version that included an electronic flash the KEYSTONE WIZARD XF1500,
Sold in Europe as the REVUE DIRECT 700F.




12 thoughts on “Porst Magic 500

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    • It used to be a bit “magical” for me when I was young :). Seeing a photo straight away, something the “new” generation takes for granted 🙂

  2. This is really cool. Oh my gosh. I’m wanting to go out and start buying every single instant camera now hahaha. Ah.

    • Likely the most important thing (or what gave them most profit) was the film sales. So since the porst used only polaroid film, they never sued I guess The same with the keystone pack-film cameras, they were also not licensed, but it gave a boost to the film sales of polaroid, so they let it be.


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